Informed Consent Clinics

Informed consent clinics are medical providers who are willing and able to provide transgender individuals with a prescription to begin hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with only “informed consent.” In other words, the individual seeking hormones will be made aware of the various effects and potential risks regarding hormone replacement therapy, and then provided with a prescription (some clinics require multiple visits, but this is still a much faster path to hormones than working with “gatekeepers” who adhere strictly to the WPATH Standards of Care).

Oak Park Public Library’s Transgender Resources Collection

“‘Transgender’ is an umbrella term that applies to people whose gender identity does not conform to what society has commonly associated with their birth sex. Oak Park Public Library has created a groundbreaking collection to serve transgender people and anyone seeking information, including employers, medical providers, allies, friends, and family.”

Miss Gender (podcast)

This is a podcast put together by my friend Ashley, detailing her transition. Audio & video versions are available. I found this podcast to be extremely helpful as I questioned whether transitioning was right for me.

TNET: PFLAG’s Transgender Network

Perhaps one of the most complete primers for parents/friends/siblings/co-workers/and other future allies of trans people. I strongly recommend their 59-page PDF: Welcoming Our Trans Family and Friends support guide.

We Happy Trans

“We Happy Trans was created so that trans people could share stories of positive experiences, so the wider world could see that, like any other community, we too thrive, struggle, and overcome; to give further evidence that we too have writers magically shaping words to reflect and elevate shared human experience, and eloquent speakers calling to the better angels of our nature; that we too have bold, visible heroes, as well as quiet warriors or ordinary life; that we too laugh, cry, gossip and occasionally engage in petty squabbles; that we are Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, pagans, Buddhists, Hindus, Theosophists, magical panty wearing Mormons, and seekers; we read Shakespeare and watch reality t.v.; occupy queer neighborhoods, small towns, dance halls, local pubs, schools, offices, theaters, prisons, NPOs, nursing homes, hunting parties and coffee klatches in every conceivable place on earth, and possibly beyond; that we are parents, friends, children, second-cousins once-removed, neighbors, strangers, lovers and mortal enemies; that we too are every possible variation of X-sexual; are freaks, utter bores, hysterically funny, plain odd, droll, absurdist and everything between; that we contain multitudes.”


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