The Transgender Community™

November 17, 2013

I never quite know how to answer questions about “the transgender community.” To me, the Transgender Community™ is a product of the greater LGBT-industrial complex, just s neat way to classify those of us on the island of misfit toys. Trans individuals are just as diverse and complex as any other grouping of people.

Liberal, conservative; affluent, poor; we’re all individuals. While we may have a common interest, a common goal policy-wise… Actually, that’s not even true. I recently wrote a post about the need for public accommodation protections for trans individuals. To my surprise, a trans person used the comments section of my piece to advocate against these types of protections. Even common threads, similarities — these in themselves do not a community make.

I don’t feel a part of any sort of community. I don’t feel as though I belong to anything. I feel just as lost as anyone else, and I don’t know that it’s fair to pretend there’s this “community,” this bond that connects us. I don’t feel this bond. I wish I did. I wish I did feel the existence of a true community, but I don’t. Or, at very least, I don’t feel one that I’m a part of or welcome in.


2 Responses to “The Transgender Community™”

  1. ericaforman Says:

    Clearly you are hanging around the wrong (or not with any trans) people. Where I live I feel a very strong sense of community with fellow transfolk, both men and women. And frankly, I’d feel lost without them.
    An example: Wednesday night a bunch of us are putting on our own TDOR event, open to all. We’ve never done anything like this before, but nonetheless the volunteers are engaged!
    You know an industrial complex is what you make of it. We have a little GLBT center here on Long Island, though it’s really been growing. And we’ve forced them to make the “T” an integral part of the community, and guess what, they’ve responded because we demanded.
    I love my transsisters and transbrothers very much, and my life would feel a lot emptier if I had never known them, or the center had initially brought us together.
    I love reading your blogs, so please don’t stop. In fact I feel like you are part of my community as well through your writing, Hugs!

  2. I gave up on there being a monolithic “trans community”. It’s a set of communities of trans people with different values.

    Personally, my progressive values trump my trans identity. I’ll gladly have nothing to do with the privilege-blind asshat you allude to.

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