Azealia Banks and the Hypocrisy of the Media (TW: transphobic language)

September 13, 2013

Last night, rapper Azealia Banks tweeted a transphobic slur. Given the uproar surrounding her use of a homophobic slur (those are just 10 out of dozens of news stories about it), I assumed we could count on those same media outlets to call her out for use of the word “tranny,” right? Ah, just kidding! This doesn’t surprise me at all. Zero media outlets have reported on this.

First off, before anyone questions whether “tranny” is, in fact, a slur, let’s look at the context.

  1. She’s referring to how straight women refer to her.
  2. Obviously, she doesn’t see this as a compliment, hence the super-duper-frowny face :(((((((((((((
  3. I’ve written about this before. Here’s a quick visual.

It shouldn’t surprise me that media outlets have let this one slide on by. These are trans issues, so no one cares, right!? Say “tranny,” the general public generally won’t care (and in Neil Patrick Harris’ case, you can even get cast to play a trans woman in a Broadway musical!). But should someone use a homophobic slur, they are to be cast away, shamed for their actions, and may their career tank as a result of it!

In Banks’ “apology” for the homophobic incident (she has not apologized for the transphobic comment), she said this:

After being quickly criticized by others for her use of the word, Banks attempted to defend herself by saying her definition of the word doesn’t mean a gay male, but “any male who acts like a female.”

Oh, great! You weren’t making a joke at the expense of a gay, cisgender man, that’d be rude! You were making fun of people who dare step outside traditional gender norms! Muuuuuuch better.

Shame on you, Azealia Banks, for being a horrible person.

Shame on you, media, for showing just how silent the T really is. Offend a gay man and the world comes crashing down. Offend some trans people and not a peep out of you.


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