Time Flies: A Year Ago…

September 6, 2013

Earlier today I realized that it’s been a year since one of the bigger milestones of my early transition. On September 3, 2012, I was at brunch when the server gendered me correctly, calling me “ma’am,” and referring to my partner and I as “ladies.” The feeling of someone looking at me and seeing me for who I really am was just amazing. It was the first time in my life I felt like me in the world.

Here I am a year later, and I almost never get called “sir” anymore. I’ve been in situations where I’ve run into people I used to see on a daily basis pre-transition, and they don’t see me as [birth name], they see me as Parker, as a woman.

I’ve come a long way since that first correct public gendering, but looking back on these little occasions (whether trans or not, just think about a time you felt validated) makes me smile, keeps me moving.

I’m coming up on another big anniversary: the 12 month mark of being on hormone replacement therapy (October 11, 2012). I never thought I’d be where I’m at right now. Life is wonderful.


One Response to “Time Flies: A Year Ago…”

  1. doubleinvert Says:

    Ah yes, being addressed publicly with proper gendered words. The feeling is wonderful. Congratulations, and congratulations on your upcoming 1-year HRT anniversary!


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