My Salon.com Debut: Coming Out Trans – And Happy

August 23, 2013


Salon.com: Coming Out Trans – And Happy


2 Responses to “My Salon.com Debut: Coming Out Trans – And Happy”

  1. Bose Says:

    Hey Parker… beautifully done at Salon, as well as throughout your blog. The further I read back in time through your blog posts, the more intriguing it was to see shifts in (as well as the continuity of) your writing style… maybe it’s just me, but it seemed like sentences got shorter, a little less and less organically free-flowing.

    It’s sweet to hear about happy and simple aspects of your coming out, as well as your openness and authenticity while blogging about challenges and tensions.

    In 10 days I’m hitting the 20th anniversary of coming out as a gay guy, at 33, while married with young kids. (Craziest Labor Day weekend ever, from a first therapy session to being outed to everyone I cared about in 72 hours…)

    One of my best gifts over the next several years was being introduced to another person who was also emerging from the closet after doing her darnedest to nail the role of hetero husband and dad to young kids. The oddest coincidence of our friendship ended up being that our ex-wives and kids met each other in a conservative “ex-gay” group where the leaders were determined to pray away the trans in her and the gay in me to re-make us as church-going male hetero fathers.

    These days, my connections with my 20-something kids tend to be thin and rare; my friend, though, sends holiday pics of her and her kids, her hubby and their grandkids.

    Best of the best to you… please keep writing!

    • Parker Marie Says:

      Thanks for the kind words! As far as my writing style is concerned, I feel like my longer and more free flowing sentences may have been the result of some continued ambiguity and fear I was working my way through early in transition. As time went on, my life started making more sense, and it became easier to skip straight to my thought.

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