Kristin Beck is the Real Traitor, Not Chelsea Manning

August 23, 2013

ImageOver the past 2 days, Kristin “Warrior Princess” Beck has taken to her Facebook account to pen some frustratingly transphobic screeds. Before she has a chance to delete them, I just wanted to capture her statements in the off chance she tries to backpedal.

This is not a woman who should represent the trans community in the slightest. Stay off TV, stay out of Congressional hearings. Please.

The “Manning debacle”… I did not ever want to give this person any of my time…
Too many media requests have poured in, so here is what I have to say:

What you wear, what color you are, your religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity has no basis on whether you are a CRIMINAL or NOT. 
For this person, whether male or female to use gender identity to act “BADLY” is a slap in the face to me and everyone who does not fit the “Binary Gender Norm.” It is not an excuse for anything illegal or unjust.

This person took an oath to protect American interest and defend the constitution, and took additional oaths due to security clearances to protect information that leaders deem secret. There are legal avenues to whistle blow or bring attention to issues. THIS person is a liar and a thief and a traitor to many people. If Bradley is truly “Chelsea” then “she” is a traitor to ME personally. There is no excuse.
Another problem I have is the EGO that manning had that he would take it upon himself to make a decision to release documents based on personal assumptions, nearly no experience, and without the whole picture. Some say hero? some say traitor? I just say “misguided, egotistical Liar and thief” which can be applied to both hero or traitor depending on a few factors.

Let me pose a scenario….
LEVANWORTH-very tough place with a lot of Marines and others who defended AMERICA and are spending a year or two there for mistakes and bad conduct. Minor sentences, but still loyal to American interest.
GENERAL Prison population: Tough place to be in any prison.
MEDIA: Manning is know to every person in the prison.
SOLITARY: option for Manning to stay alive, but very lonely and its punishment.
TRANSGENDER: Most prisons have special accommodations to ensure safety for that person.
OUTCOME: Manning shows one photo or a few “halloween” photos or him and some of his friends dabbled? These photos are released and a story is unfolded….He is Chelsea and protected in special accommodations.
He will not be in general population where his life expectancy would be about a year tops….He is now using something AGAIN for his own gain. 

THE BIGGEST problem I have with the whole thing about Chelsea is that as a Transgender person and as an upstanding citizen and knowing many other transgender people who are beacons of righteousness AND that ALL Americans May become FREE. WE are right at a point in HISTORY were many people are beginning to understand who we are as Transgender, DIVERSE, and that we are just like everyone else…WE ARE ONE….now manning just dirtied the hope of a truly FREE America.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a Dream” speech was 50 years ago….I am still hoping for HIS dream of equality for ALL. America to be a beacon of Freedom and equality, to see his dream of the “red hills” come alive. I am still dreaming of equality….
Manning is a tarnish on my dream, he is a tarnish on Dr. Kings Dream.

She then doubles down on her internalized transphobia, playing the role of the gatekeeper, claiming that without a diagnosis (which Manning happens to have), Manning isn’t trans. (Side note: I don’t have a GID diagnosis, so…. I suppose in Kristin’s mind, that makes me a man?)

Kristin Beck- Press release and Personal comments pertaining to the United States Department of Defense and Transgender service. Chelsea Manning and other issues that may affect the DOD stance.

I served in the Military for 20 years. I knew I was transgender from an early age. Due to family, society and then later military pressure and expectations, I kept my feelings to myself. It was difficult, but for 40 plus years I lived as a fully functioning male in life and the military. I had my share of issues because of my internal struggle. There were some unintended consequences because of my struggle, but my gender did not make me into anything that I was not. 

Gender is something you are born with and it is NOT a simple binary modal as many people wish. Being Transgender or outside of the pure male or female construct is a way of life; it is a human condition that has been with us since the beginning of time.

Right now it is at the forefront of society and we need answers and information. I hope to give my story and information on this issue to the general public to rid the myths and misinformation that seems to prevail.

Private Manning has been thrust into the public eye in the last few days. Manning has told the military that “he” has a gender identity issue and wishes to be addressed as “Chelsea” and start Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). This all comes out after Manning pled guilty to criminal acts and is facing 35 years in prison.

Until a doctor signs the paperwork with their name on the dotted line, this is just a claim. The Diagnosis from an accredited doctor changes many aspects of Manning’s future and possibly regulations within the Military. The Prison at Leavenworth has 550 beds and no females. The withholding of HRT and the incarceration in that prison would then be deemed “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” and accommodations would need to be made to ensure Manning is given proper treatment in line with the constitution and human dignity.

The case with Manning brings up many courses of action for the military and many diverse opinions from everyone. The one thing that I feel very passionate about is that being transgender has nothing to do with criminal activity, mental capacity, intellectual capacity, or any other endeavor or capacity an individual posses. Being transgender is a separate issue. 

Being transgender will however affect a person who is incarcerated and their treatment within the prison system, in Manning’s case, to ensure treatment that is just and fair.

How does this case affect the military and the Department of Defense?

The Department of Defense has medical regulations that list being a “transsexual” as an “unallowable medical condition.” The repeal of DADT does not include Transgender persons. Currently in the DOD, a person with gender identity disorder, diagnosed or even displayed will no longer be able to serve.

The military has Private Manning in their care for the next 35 years, possibly much less with good behavior. The Military is duty bound to ensure Manning is not punished in cruel and unusual ways and is bound to ensure Manning’s safety. After an accredited medical doctor certifies Manning’s transgender status – which could take months – the military and Department of Defense must make some very hard decisions. 

Private Manning is still a part of the Military and withholding HRT to an incarcerated individual is deemed “CRUEL and UNUSAL” punishment by precedence set in civilian court rulings.

Regulations will have to be changed to allow the HRT to Manning and ensure fair treatment for her under the law and constitution. With these changes, the doors will be open similarly to the repeal of DADT with open service to Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual service members. 

The Palm Center has been tasked with a encompassing study on transgender military service for the DOD which will be far more comprehensive and thought out on every level; I look forward to this report.

I am distraught at the way Manning’s transgender issue has surfaced and by having this human condition tied to criminal activity. I hope the general public and those that have never met someone who is transgender will take into consideration my story and the many other extremely successful transgender members of the “world community.” 

I will continue to have a dream of EQUAL treatment of ALL members of the human race. I will continue to conduct myself with dignity and respect and hope that people will educate themselves about transgender individuals and the many attributes humans are born with. We are a diverse world, and the diversity of the human race is what makes us beautiful.

There is still vast prejudice against the various people around the world for being different in color, nationality, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity. Embracing our differences and diversity is a path to peace and happiness; I pray more people will take this path.

Some trans women have rallied behind her. Of course they’re all middle-aged, white, late-transitioning HBSers. Of course.


4 Responses to “Kristin Beck is the Real Traitor, Not Chelsea Manning”

  1. A.J.Race Says:

    It’s unfortunate how many times I see people suggesting that somehow being trans is going to be helpful to her case or that it was convenient timing or something; regardless of your opinion on what she did there’s nothing convenient about her decision to come out. I do wish her luck though.

  2. Ali Says:

    Like many people, I was very interested in Beck’s story when she released her book. But I agree, her comments of late have been reprehensible. Luckily, we’ve had better representatives, like Lauren McNamara, making the news shows in the past few days instead of Beck.

  3. Ophelia Says:

    Beck and some others are throwing Manning under the bus because their agenda is to get the military to allow trans people to serve. I don’t agree with them doing this to Manning, but as a trans vet, that’s how I view what they are doing.

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