From a blog post dated 11/25/2005

August 13, 2013

November 25, 2005

I need a change of pace.  I’m moving from Decatur.  At this point, I truly feel that I don’t have a home.  No matter where i’m residing, it’s not a home.  A home is somewhere that feels right.  A home is where you can be surrounded by people that care about you.  Where i am now… this is not a home.  Decatur… that was not a home.

I guess I need to find my place, find myself, find out what I am and who I am.  Who the hell am i? Am I (birth name)? That name doesn’t mean much to me or anyone else.  I want to create a new me, a better me.  I need to erase who I am and start over.


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