What’s the matter with…

April 8, 2013

The book “What’s the Matter with Kansas” (as well as the documentary of the same name) is based on the odd premise that Kansas, in spite of being made up of individuals who would largely benefit from liberal policies, consistently votes against its own self-interest, electing Republicans that have implemented policies that negatively impact the majority of the state’s electorate. Overall, it’s a good read, diving into some interesting views on the mind, psychology, and perception.

After reading this, though, the same thought process leads me to ask, “What’s the matter with conservative trans people?”

I ask this, specifically, of trans people who support conservative political policies and candidates; trans people who attend churches that donate portions of their Sunday offerings to anti-LGBT groups.

Really. What gives? I am truly curious as to why someone would vote so blatantly against their own self-interest or become part or an organization (namely, the Catholic church) that demonizes them, dehumanizes them and ignores their very existence.

  1. “I’m not a single-issue voter.” – okay, well, unless you’re a white upper-middle-to-upper-class cis male, I don’t see how the other policies of the Republican party benefit you, either.
  2. “By being on the inside of these groups, I can help change things” – yes, by voting for policies you’re against, putting people in power who want to oppress you, you’re able to “change things from the inside.” Uh, no. The way politicians will change: the bigoted ones need to start losing some elections, then maybe they’d realize that their particular brand of conservatism wasn’t the widely-loved version they dreamed up.
  3. “There’s a lot more to my religious beliefs. I agree with most of it.” – again, though, religion, (speaking of Catholicism, specifically) requires you to buy into their whole bag of beliefs, not just a few of them. If you honestly believe in everything the church teaches, then you honestly believe you’re doomed to an eternity of suffering. It’s at this point that you should either find a religion that actively supports trans people, or, simply stop going/donating (seriously, if you believe yourself doomed to an eternity of torture, why not reclaim some weekend hours?).

The Catholic church’s official view is that trans people don’t actually exist. Beyond that, last Christmas, the Pope went on a transphobic rant where he denounced “people manipulating their God-given gender to suit their sexual choices — and destroying the very ‘essence of the human creature’ in the process.” Why on earth would anyone identify as a trans Catholic? The organization hates your existence. They’re ridiculous. Why would you continue to give them your donation money week after week (which, despite your hopes that they go to, you know, do things Jesus actually promoted like clothing the naked and feeding the hungry, your donations go to support anti-LGBT smear campaigns). All this, and looks like some folks at the Vatican still have time to illegally download trans porn… Hypocrites.

The Republican party believes it should be absolutely legal to fire someone just for being trans. The Republican party has repeatedly fought to defeat the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), which has the neat feature of barring insurance companies from discriminating against transgender individuals. Every Republican’s favorite conservative news outlet, Fox News, frequently make jokes about trans people (yes, those are 6 separate links).

With all this, I just have to ask, why and how? I don’t understand.

What’s the matter?


One Response to “What’s the matter with…”

  1. I might pick this up, it sounds like a very interesting read! Thanks for sharing.

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