life’s tiny celebrations

April 7, 2013

I’m now approaching the 6 month mark of starting hormone replacement therapy. I’ve just passed the 1 month mark of transitioning at work. The 1 year mark of coming out to my partner about being trans is coming up next month. Two weeks from now, I’ll have my name & gender updated on my drivers license.

Those are a lot of dates, a lot of items to keep straight in my head (“do I have therapy on Tuesday, or was that a psychiatrist appointment on Thursday?,” for example), and also a lot of small anniversaries (see list above).

I suppose that makes sense, though. Coming out as trans is quite the experience, and every step along the way is a reason to celebrate. Sure, scheduling an appointment with a therapist doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is when every day for the first quarter decade of you life, you’ve avoided doing that.

I was looking through old photos from the past 2 or 3 years. I struggled to find any where I’m smiling. Life just wasn’t something I was able to smile about. I didn’t think much of it, as I was convinced that “life is just like this, for everyone.” I posted on Twitter about this, and it seems that this was a common feeling among many trans women pre-transition. Finally, able to be me, it’s nice to be able to smile, and to mean it; even if it’s not every second of every day, at least it’s genuine when it is here.

Here’s a little collage I made, outlining the changes I’ve gone through over the past 6 months.



One Response to “life’s tiny celebrations”

  1. Hello. I stumbled upon this whilst I was trying to find a place for “Informed Consent” in California. I am absolutely amazed at how well, and quickly, it has turned out for you so far! 6 months and it looks absolutely fantastic! I can’t even imagine how much better you actually feel!

    Congratulations. ^_^.

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