[the sound of music]

January 28, 2013

So, I’m finding that my taste in music has changed in a somewhat significant way since starting HRT. I have to wonder if there’s science behind this. Over the past few months, what had become almost a general disinterest in music during the past several years completely changed to cravings to listen to bands I haven’t given a thought about since high school.

And that’s just it: I have an interest in loud, fast-paced, poppy songs that don’t necessarily scream “talent” in their presentation. It’s a craving for simple, yet familiar songs. This reminds me of what it was like to be 15 years old, finding a single song on a record, repeating it incessantly.

I have to wonder if this is something common among others on hormone replacement therapy. I have to wonder if this sudden resurgence in interest in music that I’ve long since ridiculed myself for ever liking in the first place has to do with the altered brain chemistry of my hormone-riddled mind. I have to wonder if I’ll experience a similar “now exiting puberty” change in musical taste similar to when I was 19, getting into obscure music and then eventually no music at all.

If this is the case (I can only speak for many current experience), this might give some insight into why bad music sells so strongly among pubescent teenagers, with a chemically-triggered predisposition towards familiar sounds, which would suggest radio broadcasters have even more power over teen listening habits (if even possible) than previously thought.

This interests me because, growing up and in college, I majored in music business. What better general business insight than to be able to tie a chemically-driven biological reason to industry income?

Have any other trans people experienced similar changes in audio preference after starting HRT?


2 Responses to “[the sound of music]”

  1. Gwen Says:

    It’s an interesting theory. But I must say that my music tastes have always run towards the pop side of the spectrum… so, no change for me. But I am only a very small data point in a very large world. And maybe I just never grew up.

  2. Interesting. My tastes haven’t really changed, but I have even less patience for the music I previously hated or singers with high-pitched voices.

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