[HRT update: 3 months; met with human resources]

January 11, 2013

Today marks 3 months on hormone replacement therapy for me (0.25ml weekly estrogen injections, 200mg daily anti-androgens). I’m not certain how I feel about my progress so far. I mean, there are certainly some noticeable changes in my physical appearance, but I don’t know, I suppose I had hoped for something more drastic by now. Yes, I’ve seen some breast growth, my skin is softer, etc., but I’m just not quite at the tipping point of where people will go, “AH! You’re a girl!” on a regular basis. Oh, well. I’m still early in this game.

On another note, I met with a manager in my company’s human resources department to discuss being transgender, transitioning on the job, etc. It went… fine. Essentially, I’m going to want to knock out a few things here and there before I end up transitioning at work (name change, mainly). The human resources rep told me about how our insurance covers major trans-related medical costs (therapy, hormones, and even SRS/GCS) just as it would cover any other medical condition. Wow, that’s pretty neat, and apparently, 2013 is the first year they’re offering such coverage.

My company also offers the ability to transfer me to any office of my choosing worldwide (they have 1,200+ offices). While I would certainly want to wait until I’m a little further down the road before packing up and moving across the country (or world), it might be a neat option a few years down the line, to be able to work somewhere where I wouldn’t be known as “the trans one.” Either way, pretty neat.

All-in-all, I need to develop a more complete plan of workplace transition, and set up another meeting with this manager. From there, hopefully I’ll get this squared away shortly, and start being me.


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