[HRT Update: Day 60 (2 months)]

December 10, 2012

Alright… 2 months down. I’ve now entered the awkward in-between stage in my transition. I may be out in “boy mode” and get called “ma’am.” I may be out in “girl mode” and get called “sir.” There seems to be no pattern to this, with just people responding with whatever their instincts pick up from physical/verbal cues given off by me. While it certainly is a little frustrating to get misgendered, I feel like I’m finally making a bit of progress. Here’s a rundown:

  • Skin – feeling much softer, especially the face
  • Hair (head) – seems to be growing at a slightly faster rate, slightly thicker
  • Hair (body)  reduction in speed of regrowth, especially on chest/arms, feels thinner/finer
  • Breasts  noticeably larger, breast buds have formed and appear to be loosening/expanding
  • Sensitivity – skin feels much more sensitive to the touch; especially areas: scalp, breasts, arms, back
  • Emotions/Personality – recent instability, followed by slight boost in confidence/stability.
  • Face – taking a slightly more feminine shape, fuller cheeks, slightly softer features.

imageObviously, some of that may simply be “perceived changes,” and not true changes, but I’m trying to stay very objective. Some of them (*cough* breast growth *cough*) are certainly very, very real changes. Anyway, life is full of ups and downs, but hopefully I’m on the path to happiness/fulfillment.

Here’s to many more months of personal growth.


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