[coming out to my hair stylist, getting my first feminine cut]

December 6, 2012

My hair was starting to look kind of goofy. I’ve been growing it out since April without a cut. Rather than looking like something long and feminine, it was starting to just look like, well, like a boy’s cut that had just grown unruly.

So, yesterday I decided to go in to the place I used to go, and get a trim/style. I debated how I was going to ask for a more feminine cut – after all, I’ve never done that before – and resolved that I’d just say, “I’m growing it out, just clean up the ends.”

When I finally got in there, I was hit with an ounce of bravery, and when asked “what are we doing with this hair?” I replied:

So, um, uh… Here’s the thing… I’m transgender, and I’m just beginning a transition from male to female, so, uh, I’m looking to get a more feminine cut.

Now, I know, maybe it wasn’t absolutely necessary to come out to my hair stylist, but I was feeling bold and brave. What seemed like minutes, but was probably only a split-second, passed.

Okay. Great. Here’s what I think would work for your hair type and facial features.

She didn’t miss a beat. She went on to cut my hair, give it a more feminine style, and give me tips on upkeep as the hair grows back out.

During the haircut, she mentioned that her primary care doctor is at the same location as the doctor I go to for my hormones – a neat coincidence.

Anyway, I now have a more feminine cut/style, and I’m pretty happy about it.



One Response to “[coming out to my hair stylist, getting my first feminine cut]”

  1. You look super cute! She did a good job.

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