[HRT update: Day 48]

November 28, 2012

I really want to write a book. Fiction, non-fiction, or total garbage. Ever since starting hormones, I’ve just had such a rush of emotions coursing through my mind, begging for a true outlet.

This is certainly a change from the pre-HRT days of either no emotions or only negative emotions (frustration, anger).

I just want to get out there and share a story. It doesn’t have to be my story, necessarily (I’m certainly not interesting enough, nor self-absorbed enough to warrant more than a blog post centered around me here and there), but just a story.

Add this to a list of “projects that will likely never be completed… or even started.”

On a side note: here are two pictures I took of myself the other night. I think I’m starting to see some progress, but I’m not quite sure.


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