[ABC Family triggers my dysphoria]

November 19, 2012

Oh, ABC Family… Why must you switch from family-themed made-for-TV movies (last night, I watched “12 Dates of Christmas“, staring Amy Smart & the guy who played Zack Morris on “Saved By the Bell”). As soon as this, uh, delightful little movie ended (spoiler: it’s basically the same story as “Groundhog Day”, but with a Christmas theme and a smaller budget), I started to get ready for bed.

Unfortunately, I forgot that ABC Family starts doing religious-themed programming (“700 Club”, “Joel Osteen”, etc.) at a random point each night. Osteen’s show popped on, and the theme was basically, “God don’t make no mistakes.”

This immediately triggered me, but I couldn’t look away. I watched as he went on about anyone who is unhappy with how they are, saying they just need “God’s help” to get things straightened out. His sermon basically denied the existence and legitimacy of trans people.

Finally, after about 5 minutes, I managed to change the channel, crawled into bed, shaking until I slept.

Why, oh, why can’t you just stick to programming that’s actually friendly to families, ABC Family?

Anyone interested in seeing the clip I’m talking about can check it out here (start at 2:42):


One Response to “[ABC Family triggers my dysphoria]”

  1. I have a pov on the idea of “God makes no mistakes”, which I don’t know if it will make you feel better or not…I take it to mean the person, not the shell. If it’s the shell, doesn’t that mean I’m sinning for dying my hair? What if I get a tattoo or wear makeup? Because then I’m “unhappy” and messing up the creation…no.

    IMO. He makes no mistakes in creating any of us, the person, the personality, the soul. He made no mistakes when He made Parker who is kind to strangers and likes music and is a media maven. He made no mistakes when he made a sassy cat-obsessed girl who drinks too much coffee and stalks blogs. (Ahem.) The shell is irrelevant. It is not who you are. People like Joel Osteen miss the point of “fearfully and wonderfully made” entirely. Please don’t let their ignorance bring you down or trigger you.

    A tiger does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep!

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