Letter to East Aurora School Board member Raymond Hull re: his “I do not support the LGBT” statement

October 19, 2012

Actually, Mr. Hull, after reading and re-reading the e-mail you sent to a man named Zachary… I just can’t let it go.

Zachary, I do not support the LGBT. I slept on the truth; shame on me

I don’t understand. The school board handbook, in Section 7, Page 1 (for reference), states:

Students are the first concern of East Aurora School District No. 131. All policies and actions of the Board of Education and staff are directed toward promoting the educational welfare of the children of the District.

How exactly can you say you promote the educational welfare of the children of the District when you’ve publicly stated that you “do not support” a significant percentage of them? That’s a very serious question.

Under “Goals,” on that same page:

To enhance the self-image of each student by helping him/her to feel respected and worthy, and creating a school environment that provides positive encouragement through frequent success.

How on earth is taking a hard line anti-LGBT stance promote the goal to “enhance the self-image of each student by helping him/her feel respected and worthy?” You’re basically saying to about 10% of the students “I do not care about you. I do not support you.” And in my earlier e-mail, I brought up the fact that LGBT students, especially transgender individuals, are nearly 40x more likely to attempt suicide. Your job is to care for them. Your job is to help “him/her feel respected and worthy.”

Again, under “Goals”:

To provide for the safety, health and welfare of all students.

Your stance is incongruent with this goal, too. You’re suggesting that a transgender student, should they be brave enough to be their genuine self, that they should be forced to use the restroom of the opposite gender? That someone assigned male at birth should be forced to (dangerously) use the men’s restroom? There are a multitude of reported incidences of trans women being assaulted should they be forced to use the men’s room. Your stance promotes this.

Should you vote to rescind these newly implemented equality measures, it will undoubtedly cause harm to LGBT individuals. Perhaps that’s what you want. I don’t know.

All I know is that your personal opinions on the transgender community, wrong they are, need to stay out of policy.

And what makes this especially sad, sir, is that you, as an African American, should realize what negative impacts prejudice and discrimination can have in the world. Civil rights need to be for all, not just for some. And, should you vote to rescind this policy, it should be noted that you lied to get elected:

What will be your single most important priority if you get elected?

…My number one priority will be to give the students of District 131 every opportunity available to be excellent in whatever career and life choices they make going forward.

I hope that you were able to “sleep on the truth” again (I’m still a little confused what you meant by that) and vote tonight to protect the rights of all students.

I do hope to receive a reply to this message.

Thank you.


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