But as for my days, I spend them waiting

July 23, 2012

Not really all that much to report. I’m excited and a bit nervous to be going to my first group meeting (I wouldn’t say it’s a support group, just a, well, I don’t know, it just sounds like a fun little group) of other trans girls tomorrow night. I guess the one thing that I’m most nervous about, that I’m most self conscious about, is the fact that I am clearly going to be the most masculine person in attendance. Couple that with the fact that I’ll be coming straight from work, meaning that it will have been nearly 12 hours since I will have shaved my face. Also, this means that I’ll be wearing my work clothes, which are possibly the most masculine thing I own.

Aaaaaaaand, I’m having a panic attack just thinking about this. I’m super nervous. 😦


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