Used to be one of the rotten ones and I liked you for that

July 16, 2012

So, here I am, starting up yet another blog. But I suppose this blog is different in one very important way: Rather than blog or write about media or music or politics or really anything external; I’m going to actually write about me. I’m using this as a bit of a journal of my change, of my journey (a “journey-al,” if you will).

I have the settings on this set so the search engines will not be accessing it, so you’ve either found this by crazy luck or I’ve passed along this link, which I may do when I’m more comfortable with who I am/who I am expressing myself as on the outside.

For now, just a quick background on the title of this site. I took it from the Broken Social Scene song “Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl”.

As much as I never felt I had a problem with my name, I just feel that it’s too masculine for my liking, and actually, as of late, has been initiating panic attacks when I hear it called. I’ve been trying to find something that fits a little better. Now, I wanted to find something more¬†androgynous than anything else, and lately, in my mind, I’ve been tossing around the name “Parker”, and extended to “Parker Marie” as a more feminine version (my mom’s middle name is Marie). I really like the name and really feel like it suits me really well.

Anyway, to anyone out there who sees this: hi.


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